New ICO project MCPay

MCPay project is intended to be the very gateway to create a balance between an out-of-date financial system and a new electronic commerce

1At the first stage of pre-sale, the raised private investments made USD 120,000.00. These funds are designated for application and primary site follow-up revision, and for promotion activities. The launch date of minimum application release version is 05.12.2017

2Active phase of project promotion:

  • 2.1 Development of a prototype.
  • 2.2 Registration of groups of companies.
  • 2.3 The first 1000 investors with a test version of applications with the possibility of feedback to the developer.

3Start ICO:

ICO is already in full swing. A prototype is also expected to be released


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Total invested:
eth ETH
usd USD
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Launch of ICO of MCPay company is scheduled for January 1, 2018!

Don’t miss a chance to become a part of the project. Invest now in your future!

To take part in the project you need:

1. To create a user account as investor in MCPay-ICO. You may do it just now!

2. Then you need to file an application for МСР tokens purchase (the number of tokens one investor may purchase is not limited yet).

3. Further, you need to wait for confirmation of your application and pay for tokens with a 50% discount.

All investors who purchase tokens prior to ICO process start will receive additional bonuses and privileges in the MCPay system

ICO process will last just 2 months. - Join now!

Invest in innovative technologies!

Invest in MCPay – innovative payment system with embedded function of traditional currencies and crypto-currencies conversion.

Its main tasks are: to immediately calculate currencies within different accounts of the same wallet, to remit any currency, including digital one, to other users’ wallets using the installed mobile application to make payments in any point of sale worldwide, where plastic cards are in a daily use.

Unique character of MCPay program lays also in possibility to connect Visa/Maestro/MasterCard plastic card issued by any bank operating on the territory of your country to your electronic account. At that, you don’t need to open any additional accounts!


Our objective is to create a financial system convenient to everyone, which will drastically simplify mutual settlements and money remittances as such.

- MCPay Team

It is inherently a service specialized in financial transactions based on use of crypto-currencies rather than traditional currencies. To some extent, such project could be called a bank to define its purpose better, but institutions that have prior used this “name” brought disgrace upon themselves and so they are not synonymous with reliability and augmentation of funds. That is the reason why we don’t want our project to be consonant with them.

MCPay will give to ordinary individuals and organizations everything they cannot obtain from banks: simplicity of cash transactions, financial confidentiality, opportunity for everyone to independently dispose of its own savings without necessity to be reportable to anyone and to pay its honest penny just because this is the way the things are done.


“Blockchain technology may take on a significant market share from such financial institutions as Visa”,

- Vitalik Buterin (Creator of Ethereum crypto-currency)

Project implementation plan

Stage 1

Launch of the web-site and application for smart-phones. Period: web-site and minimum application release version will be ready prior to ICO start. Application will run in a test mode for a limited number of users.

Stage 2

Registration of a group of financial companies and obtaining required licenses.

Stage 3

start-up of all financial services. They will be started-up one at a time, immediately after all required licenses have been obtained.

Stage 1

Launch of the web-site and application for smart-phones. Period: web-site and minimum application release version will be ready prior to ICO start. Application will run in a test mode for a limited number of users.

Stage 2

Registration of a group of financial companies and obtaining required licenses.

Stage 3

Start-up of all financial services. They will be started-up one at a time, immediately after all required licenses have been obtained.

The items marked with an asterisk (*) are not duplicated at the more expensive levels.

How many tokens will be issued?

We expect to carry out several token issues. At the first stage we suggest to issue:

- 100,000 tokens

- Name of token: MCP (multi crypto pay) token

- Token rate: 1 token = 1 Ethereum. Minimum investment amount makes 0.1eth

We consciously do not link rate of token to fiat currency; we are creating a new system, and if you wish to participate therein you should trust crypto-currencies more than fiat money, while the greatest value in our world is climate of confidence! Not money, not cars and houses, not gold and diamonds, but confidence! If you stop having confidence in dollar, and if you have faith in Ethereum, nobody will do anything with it. Financial institutions in future must struggle just for your confidence rather than for possibility to control and manipulate their customers!

In point of fact, making investments in MCP, you invest in crypto-currencies. That means that you have additional confidence in safety and increase of your investments, since this tendency is growing rapidly.

How to make profit out of ICO

Save your tokens and collect dividends

Token guarantees a share in profit of the company.


Sale of ICO tokens

After ICO completion you may sell your tokens on the market and gain an instant profit.

Why do we need financial support?

As we have already mentioned above, the major part of money will be invested to create system gold and currency reserves. They are required at the first stage, till goods and services sellers join us, and the funds begin accumulating within a closed-loop ecosystem. At the time being, in order to ensure instant payment for the goods and services the system will be based on micro-lending of our users secured on their crypto-currencies. This will take place online and won’t require any follow-up actions of the users, but to put it in effect we require larger financial support.

As far as system grows we expect several MCP token issues.

Take part in launch of MCPay innovative payment system!

To implement and develop comprehensively such a large-scale project, additional investments are required. So we suggest you to join our fold and to participate financially in launching the project, and, of course, to augment your savings in future owing to this project.

For such purposes, we decided to use ICO (Initial Coin Offering) format a program which will enable you not only to take part in the project, but also to gain a considerable profit in case of its successful implementation. We can do it all together, for sure!

ICO investment will offer opportunities to all participants (especially those who joined the project at its early stage) to gain as minimum as 100% profit and to get special opportunities in the form of bonus programs and additional incentives.






Децентрализованный бухучёт

Decentralized accounting



Открытое API

Open API

Специализированный Искусственный интеллект

Specialized Artificial Intelligence

Project implementation plan

The first stage – to use terminals network for settlements. This mechanism is fairly simple: e-wallet owner comes to a terminal, selects the desired settlement currency, presses the button “Pay” and puts his/her smart-phone to device window. MCPay program converts currency and effects payment. You just need to take off your purchase. No needless movements and actions!

The second stage – to implement a special application for sellers, which is designed for smart-phones or touch pads to be used in points of sale in different countries. When receiving payment using such application, the client will be able to select currency to be received and deposited. Thus, business owners may on their own control financial profit of organization, extend possibilities of their company development and evade unsustainable taxes on legal grounds.

It should be mentioned that success of this campaign depends to a great extent on its popularity: the more users joint it, the more financially viable it will be.

Project implementation period

Launch of the first stage will take 3 months. This is justified by the fact that in order to implement program into payment terminal network a pool of financial companies should be registered first.

Such organizations must have some approvals and licenses, in particular, licenses:
• To conduct transactions with payment cards;
• To maintain customer’s accounts;
• To convert currencies;

Our experts have studied a large amount of information on off-shore jurisdictions. At present, we selected the most relevant ones to register a group of companies with the above opportunities.

Furthermore, we have received an advice from Central Banks of such countries. Their management has assured us that it will not make any obstacles in obtaining licenses by our companies. They are completely open for cooperation.

Actually, registration and licensing procedure will take 3 months by estimate.

Main jurisdiction of the project will be Australia.

ICO details

Financial expenses:

1. Expenses for companies’ registration and licensing – 10% of the total amount.

2. 20% - Technical component of the project, i.e.:

• Development of project application and web-site;
• Servers installation and debugging for instant data exchange worldwide;
• Conducting currency exchange transactions, etc.

3. System gold and currency reserves that guarantee payment for goods and services in off-line points of all countries – 70%.

Project implementation plan

Stage 1: project web-site and minimum application release version for smart-phones will be launched prior to ICO start. During ICO, participants will be able to test it and make corrections to application in response to users’ recommendations.

Stage 2: registration of a group of financial companies and obtaining the required licenses by them. Time limits: 3 to 6 months.

Stage 3: start-up of all financial services. They will be started-up one at a time, immediately after all required licenses have been obtained.

ICO Structure

100% token dividend guarantees 20% profit in “MCPay”

Distribution of tokens










1 week


2 week


3 week


from 100 eth


from 50 eth


from 10 eth


percentage of allotted 2% of the total number of tokens


Bitcointalk subscription campaign


Bitcointalk transfer campaign


Facebook Likes


Followers in Twitter


MCP branches support



How payments will be made?

All operations are described in details in the Articles of Association of the Company. In a few words, at the end of each financial year Ethereum (ETH) special wallet will be credited with 20% of distributable profit earned by MCPay in terms of ETH crypto-currency. Further, it will be shared between token owners. The final amount of payments directly depends on a quantity of tokens: the more tokens you have, the higher your income is (it is specified in terms and conditions of smart-contract to be concluded with each person who purchased tokens).

Final quantity of tokens will be fixed after ICO termination, just the next second after such termination.

Legal aspects:

Unfortunately, there is a range of established regulations and rules we must observe at the first stages of project implementation. They include:

  1. ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards – is a standard that determines requirements allowing to store, transfer and process personal data. The detailed information is posted on the official web-site official website:;
  2. GDPR (General Data Processing Regulation, GDPR) – is a Regulation containing requirements to personal data processing. It determines principles of working with them. It is published by the European Commission. The details are set forth in pdf-file by link this pdf file:;
  3. eIDAS – are standards developed by the European Commission. They regulate Trust Services and electronic ID applied for transactions on the EU single market. You may find details at this link:;
  4. ISO 20022 – is a universal business dictionary designed to simplify agreements between various financial organizations. It represents a set of standards used in financial sector, which improves communications and removes misunderstandings. The full text is posted on here:;
  5. PSD 1 и PSD 2 – are Directives developed by the European Commission aimed to regulate payment services all over the European Union. They are intended to ensure security and safety of customers. See the document at by this link:;
  6. SEPA requirements – determine rules, terms and conditions of wireless payments within the EU territory and are based on PSD 1 requirements. For more details please visit — link:;
  7. AML/CFT laws – a list of Regulations on Combating the Financing of Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering Act. For more details please visit: here and here.

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